Journalist Marina Ovsyannikova, who protested the occupation of Ukraine in Russia last March on Russian state television, was briefly detained in Moscow.

In the post on the Telegram account of the Russian media worker, it was said that Marina was detained. The post also included photos of Ovsyannikova being taken by two police officers to a white van.

According to the news in DW Turkish, Ovsyannikova shared photos of herself and her two dogs on her Facebook account shortly after, and said, “I was just stepping out the door to go for a walk with the dogs, when someone in uniform approached me and said I am at the Krasnoselski police station (in Moscow).

Ovsyannikova announced her release three hours later.

“But now I understand that it’s always best to take a suitcase and passport with you if you’re going out,” added the Russian journalist, who wrote in a Facebook message that everything is fine.

Ovsyannikova, on the banks of the Moscow River on Friday, July 15, Putin is a murderer, a fascist with his soldiers 352 children have been killed in Ukraine. How many more children have to die before you can stop? He had unfurled a banner. Ovsyannikova was detained after footage of this action spread on social media.

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